Talentsoft E-Learning

A fully integrated digital learning solution that connects talent management with targeted employee training: the Talentsoft e-learning platform. Design personalized programs and courses, and engage your employees in continuous professional development with the help of e-learning software. The Talentsoft Learning solution is a complete software suite for creating and managing digital learning content through the LCMS, allowing you to publish blended learning training through the LMS platform.

In just a few clicks, you can design and create training kits and scenario-based e-learning content to strengthen your educational efficiency. The e-learning platform is designed to meet the needs of employees, managers and HR personnel alike—helping to identify and close skill gaps, and promote talent retention. Talentsoft Learning places the employee at the heart of the HR process and provides all the necessary tools for personal and professional growth. Whatever your company size or corporate structure, Talentsoft Learning provides a tailored, adaptable solution.

Create High Quality Digital Learning and Training Materials

At Talentsoft, we help you personalizze your employees’ learning experience with targeted and diversified learning. Our e-learning platform focuses on the development of employee competencies: its integration into the talent management platform eases the administration of training plans, providing your talent with continuously tailored learning programs that ensure professional success, improve career development, and facilitate internal mobility.

Talentsoft LCMS offer designers the possibility to quickly create quality, distance training and digital learning materials; including tutorials or movies, converting PowerPoint slideshows, and posting training videos. It’s also simple to create scenario-based digital learning content, including transmissive phases of active discovery and interactive exercises. This process can be simplified by using the many flexible and professional templates available. Talentsoft Learning also guarantees the easy creation and management of your educational material, helping you to optimize your training budget.

One E-Learning Platform: All Your Training Needs

A central hub for your employees and managers; once your training material has been published in the LMS, employees and managers can access their digital learning content and track progress through a My Talentsoft account. The Talentsoft e-learning platform works seamlessly with all existing Talentsoft products and services, helping to identify competency gaps; while the “Training Push” feature connects employees and their managers with relevant learning programs. So, your employees receive a personalizzed approach that targets their needs, and your HR department is free to focus on more pressing matters, like sourcing the best talent.

Skillcatch: the Mobile Training Application

The Talentsoft SkillCatch mobile application puts innovative digital learning solutions directly into the hands of your employees. Put simply, SkillCatch allows anyone swith a useful business expertise to capture it using a smartphone or tablet. This means effective micro-training can be uploaded directly to the LCMS and LMS by individual users—allowing user-generated content to be instantly disseminated or developed across your network. Available on both Android and iOS, taking advantage of SkillCatch helps to increase the depth and frequency of the content available to your users, reinforcing your digital learning strategies and providing a degree of interactivity for committed employees. To help facilitate this type of training, a library of templates is available, alongside the Prompteur feature that guides the user in creating a standardized structure recognizable to all.