Multi-Site, Multi-Country & Multi-Source: Talentsoft Core HR

Get real time, actionable insights with Talentsoft core HR solution: the new way for companies to manage their core HR. With our flexible, centralized system, you can access all the latest employee information, complete with powerful analytics—in just a few clicks. The Core HR platform integrates seamlessly with and is enriched by your existing HR systems, while the SaaS-base means it’s easily scalable to your business needs. Providing long-term, cost effective core HR solutions to companies everywhere: Talentsoft.

Core HR Functions of Talentsoft

1. Easy Setup & Integration. Talentsoft provides automatic interfacing with all HR systems. A multi-site, multi-country, and multi-source core HR database that consolidates all your administrative data and processes into a single, intuitive platform—it even works seamlessly with your payroll system as master, slave or hybrid. What’s more, you can conduct reports and analyze employee data, meaning you have an in-depth overview of your talent in a single platform.

2. Consolidate Employee Information. Breakdown the silo mentality and improve your corporate culture with Talentsoft Core HR software. Make sure your talent is optimized and share information between individuals and departments thanks to direct access to online employee files. With just a single platform for managing all employees, it’s possible to view both historic and current data, administrative information, addresses, qualifications and contracts. What’s more, you can organize follow ups and monitoring—ideal for retaining talent and succession planning.

3. In-Depth Analysis & Actionable Insights. Talentsoft core HR services brings 360° reporting to your HR process. Whether you’re looking at the local, regional, or global level, you can monitor your workforce metrics in real time. Then, with a single click, thanks to our powerful visualization capabilities you can create comprehensive graphics for age, gender, and length of employment—giving you a comprehensive and in-depth overview of your workforce.

4. Fully-integrated Talentsoft Database. Beyond this, Talentsoft is designed to complement and optimize all HR processes. Leverage your employee data for performance evaluation, online resumes, succession plans, and much more. Plus, the option to search individual information such as contract addendum, start date, and compensation—combined with the powerful filters—makes fast recall and employee updates a breeze.

About Talentsoft Core HR Services

Core HR services with human added value: Talentsoft is Europe’s leading talent management software. Easy to use and compatible with any HR system, Talentsoft is the first choice for over 800 clients in over 100 countries. What’s more, because it’s cloud-based, it’s flexible, too. We know the world of business is always changing, so our software has been designed to grow with you. But don’t take our word for it—try Talentsoft for free, and experience powerful insights and streamlined performance today.