Continuous Conversation

Talentsoft Continuous Conversation is a team-centric solution that facilitates coaching conversations between managers and employees, by establishing a flexible OKR* and feedback approach across your organization.
*(Objectives & Key Results)

Cultivate “Connector Managers”

Continuously engage employees with a purpose, and align team and individual goals to see everyone's contributions come together

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continuous conversation tool by talentsoft for performance management by OKR, displayed on a laptop screen

Create a culture of collaboration and feedback

Notify mentors and peers to start collaborating on a specific project, and promote real-time conversation and feedback based on progress and achievements

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360° feedback feature within continuous conversation by Talentsoft

Leverage performance reviews for employee reflection

Keep ongoing projects and OKRs synced with your performance reviews to get a full picture of your employees’ performance and allow for a holistic reflection

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performance review form within continuous conversation solution by Talentsoft

Continuous Conversation is also:

  • OKR management

  • Employee check-ins

  • In-context feedback

  • Cross-team contributors

  • Manager dashboards

  • Notifications

  • Integration with Talentsoft Performance

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

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