Streamline your Salary Reviews

Your compensation strategy is a delicate balancing act between the interests of your business and your employees that is ever evolving as your business grows and develops. This makes frequent salary reviews essential to ensure that the needs of your company and talent are being met. Talentsoft aims to streamline your salary review process by consolidating data from all talent management processes to ensure market competitiveness and a fair compensation policy within your teams. By making the most of your compensation policy through allowing optimal use or performance rewards, stock options bonuses and promotions, your talents will be loyal and motivated, delivering the best possible results and developing their competencies in-line with your company mission.

An Integrated Compensation Review Solution

Using our useful integrated compensation review solution, your salary review process will swiftly recognize and conquer any compensation challenges. Whether through the fast identification of salary gaps by verifying and benchmarking compensation distribution and salary ranges, or enforcing your compensation policy by avoiding errors with automated alerts on policy noncompliance, Talentsoft’s salary review solution is built with your company’s interests in mind. It includes useful individual forecasting to show you the development possibilities of each talent, as well as a single page overview of all your employees’ salaries. Expedite the decision making process with the analytics and decision making support functions and make sure you’re aware of your costs using the budget control.