Talentsoft Integrated Compensation Plans

If you’re looking to transform and get the most out of your salary reviews, then Talentsoft offers an integrated solution that makes creating a compensation plan easier than ever. With Talentsoft, managers become key stakeholders in your compensation policy. This is made possible thanks to centralized data—an essential aspect of the Talentsoft application, meaning rewards, bonuses and promotions are used effectively, helping to retain your best talents. Discover what Talentsoft compensation planning can do for you today.

Compensation planning with Talentsoft

Utilize your managers to create compensation plans that suit your strategy. Define employee eligibility and receive automatic breakdowns of budgets that reflect your organizational structure, all while managing multiple budgets at the same time. Plus, easy configuration means that with Talentsoft your managers play an increased role in budget management thanks to assistance with data entry, recommendations, and projections—ensuring your teams stays fair and competitive.

Beyond this, Talentsoft enables you to effectively manage your budget by consolidating and validating your proposals. Using the simple interface, it’s possible to view manager compensation changes and requests, while also signaling over-budget areas. It’s then possible to validate budgets and implement in-depth analysis of compensation plans using filters such as organizational structure, country and currency.

About the Talentsoft application

Since 2007 Talentsoft has been bringing simple, powerful talent management solution to businesses everywhere. Now used daily by over 5 million people in over 100 countries—our application is one of the leading cloud-based suites. Built to help HR managers with recruiting, performance, career development, learning, as well as compensation planning, Talentsoft helps you to align your talents with your business objective, turning jobs into meaningful careers. You can learn more about how Talentsoft has transformed over 800 companies’ HR processes by reading our customer success stories. Talentsoft: human added value.