Talentsoft: Smart Performance Appraisals

When it comes competing in the marketplace, your employees are your most valuable resource in ensuring success. The Talentsoft Performance & Competencies platform provides you with a centralized system designed to enhance and streamline the performance review process from start to finish to help you to get the most out of your employees. Create performance review documents tailored to business goals using intuitive customization tools, then coordinate with HR and manage activities in real-time as you gain valuable insights into your employees and empower managers and their team members to independently assess their abilities. Furthermore, our application is designed to adapt to your organization, location, language and local legislation. With Talentsoft you can act local and think global. Whatever your business, and wherever you are, Talentsoft solutions bring actionable insights to your performance reviews.

Performance Reviews that Make Careers

Use Talentsoft to recognize and reward talent. Our approach to performance appraisal is simple: leverage your employees’ skills while rewarding performance. Talentsoft lets you do this from a single, integrated platform. Use it to develop highly customizable appraisal forms, carry out gap analyses for skills and competencies, and develop and assign relevant training courses with personalized career plans. Talentsoft also provides real-time feedback from employees and managers, enabling you to make an informed decision for training and salary plans. Beyond this, Talentsoft takes you right through to the Talent Review stage by enabling you to retrieve data from your HR archives in seconds, making it ideal for post-performance evaluations and effective succession planning.

Employee collaboration and communication is the key to an innovative environment. Talentsoft performance appraisals have redesigned the way HR and employees communicate by placing the employee’s professional growth at the heart of your company’s performance evaluations. By enabling self-assessment and in-form access to goal creation and training requests, Talentsoft Performance & Competencies gives your employees the chance to take charge of their career by providing them with the tools they need to develop their competencies. All of this does three simple things: highlights competency gaps, strengthens your company culture, and ensures you retain talent by helping turn jobs into careers.

About Talentsoft

With over 5 million users in 100 countries and over 70 languages, Talentsoft is a leading provider of cloud-based talent management software. Designed to work with any organizational structure, size, and HR process, our application is highly-customizable and can be configured to match all your business needs. From performance appraisals, to recruitment and training, to compensation, competency management, career development and succession planning, the Talentsoft application provides fully-integrated solutions at every stage of the process. What’s more, Talentsoft talent management software is 100% EU Compliant, making us the first choice for companies across all sectors. For concrete results with human added value try Talentsoft today.