Rise to Every Challenge with Talentsoft Performance Management Solution

Talentsoft: it’s our job to make yours easier. In fact, we do this every day with our proven and effective cloud-based talent-management software. We’ve designed it to get results for any kind of business, in any sector – 800 companies in 100 countries have already streamlined and revamped their HR processes thanks to our all-purpose software, and you can too. Take, for instance, our professional performance management system. Now, it’s easier than ever to hone your personnel talent and keep everyone motivated, feeling valued, and on the right track.

Cause the Desired Effect: Performance Management from Talentsoft

The most successful workplaces know how to get the best out of each individual employee. Performance management is a trusted method of doing so. In this process, managers and their staff work in tandem to plan, monitor and review team members’ targets and contributions to company goals. Unlike an annual appraisal, performance management is a dynamic, ongoing process. Over time, targets can change and performance can exceed expectation, or even regress. Either way, the performance management tool from Talentsoft equips you with all you need to boost your employees’ performance – with meaningful and sustainable results. And that’s all thanks to just some features of the Talentsoft performance management package:

  • Custom-built appraisal documents
    Digitize your performance management forms and make access easier across the whole office. With the intuitive tool box you can change fields and graphics so that they match your HR culture and company identity.
  • Performance-based management made easy
    Execute multi-entity performance management campaigns in several countries and in over 22 languages with customizable forms that allow you to define targets for individual employees. What’s more, you can alert team members whenever you have performance feedback, or when an objective changes, at any stage of the performance management process.
  • Empowered employees improve themselves
    Give your staff the tools they need to develop their abilities by encouraging more exchanges between them and managers. With Talentsoft, managing employee performance is a team sport, and we’re on your side – together with your staff. That’s why our service encourages more interaction between teams. You can compare manager and employee assessments at a glance before assigning a final score. On top of this, direct, in-form access to the training catalogue facilitates more goal setting, training requests, and other proposals that are useful for professional growth.

Enjoy Human Added Value with Talentsoft

Talentsoft is at the forefront of cloud-based talent-management software, to optimize their performance management workflows. Why not see the potential we can bring to your business and your employees with a free trial today? Test the Talentsoft application in your workplace at no cost and with zero obligation.