Talentsoft Employee Performance Review

Let your employees take charge of their careers with Talentsoft – the world’s leading talent management software. If you want to get more out of your employee evaluation process, Talentsoft is the fully-integrated solution trusted by companies around the world. Designed to streamline your HR process while providing your employees with the tools they need to further their careers, our unique approach to employee performance reviews allows you to leverage your talents’ competencies while rewarding performance along the way.

Employee Evaluation Redesigned & Simplified

From document creation to succession planning, Talentsoft provides end-to-end talent management solutions. At the core of our Performance & Competencies process is the Talentsoft Talent Form: your employee review customization tool. This intuitive toolbox enables you to create meaningful employee evaluation forms in just a few simple steps. For added precision, you can even modify fields and graphics depending on which department it is being sent to. Our platform is easy to use, and the Talentsoft Talent Form computerizes all your documents – ensuring they’re ready to be accessed before your company’s next employee performance evaluation.

Now you can manage employee reviews and coordinate campaigns with ease. Talentsoft makes it possible to plan multi-entity campaigns, define workflows, and notify employees at every stage of the campaign. Plus, thanks to the multilingual feature, it’s available in over 22 languages – so you can manage and execute your entire employee performance review from a single, integrated platform. You can then access your employee review results in real time, helping to increase HR productivity and streamline your appraisal process.

Backing this is Talentsoft’s revolutionary approach to employee evaluation. Talentsoft Performance & Competencies is designed to capitalize on your talents by helping your employees turn their job into a career. Using insight-driven assessments from employees and managers, our platform makes it possible to instantly compare feedback before deciding a final score; identify key competency gaps and talents, and assign training or reward performance where it’s due. Beyond this, employee self-assessment provides in-form access to valuable resources such as training requests, skills catalogues, and other proposals. So, your employees play a key part in creating and outlining their goals in your company – helping to nurture and retain your talent.

About Talentsoft Employee Evaluation Software

Talentsoft is the leading developer of cloud-based talent-management software – with millions of users in over 100 countries. We provide solutions for recruitment, employee reviews, career development, learning, and compensation management. Our comprehensive product range has been developed to help you design and match your strategic goals by energizing your human capital. Talentsoft works with companies of any size, including large multinationals, and can be customized to suit all HR structures. Whatever your business, and wherever it’s located, Talentsoft delivers concrete results every time.