Talentsoft: Career Planning with Human Added Value

Centralize your employee data and take a proactive approach to career planning with Talentsoft. Gain valuable insights into your employee capabilities and develop smart, long-term career plans with human added value.

Our application has been developed to help transform your employee reviews into powerful action plans for both parties. Consolidate employee data, identify skill gaps and outline training programs, compare employee competencies at a glance, and formalize action plans to align them with your company strategy. With Talentsoft, it’s possible to manage the career planning process from a single, easy-to-use application.

Encourage Your Talent to Take Control of Their Career Plan

We believe in placing your talent at the heart of your HR system. By encouraging your employees to take an active role in their career, you help to increase job satisfaction and retention rates. That’s why Talentsoft also gives your employees the tools they need for effective career planning.

With Talentsoft, internal job boards means vacancies are visible and the necessary requirements are made clear, while easy access to a comprehensive skills and training library means your employees can take the initiative with mobility requests. Managers can even make proposals and deliver customized action plans based on your business objectives—aligning your employees goals with your company’s.

Simplify Your Career Planning Process

Talentsoft is Europe’s leading cloud-based talent management software. A fully-integrated solution, our modular platform has been developed by HR experts to cover every aspect of the HR process, from recruitment and career planning to compensation and learning. Now used by over 8 million people across 4 continents, Talentsoft has helped hundreds of companies to identify, grow, and retain their talent, as well as develop meaningful, long-term strategies. But don’t take our word for it: you can learn more about Talentsoft by reading our customer success stories, or experience it yourself by signing up for a free trial today.