Foster your Talent with Talentsoft’s Appraisal Software

Developing your talents’ competencies is key to encouraging internal mobility and growing your business. With Talentsoft’s appraisal software, a multilingual product that addresses every stage of the appraisal process, you can facilitate discussion between managers and employees to identify key competency gaps, positions, and talents. Develop a truly integrated talent management system that leverages your talents’ skills with our competency based performance review software.

How the Appraisal Management Software supports your Business & Talent

Create custom appraisal forms. Our performance review software allows you to computerize all your HR documents and customize them using our flexible form builder to meet your feedback needs, ensuring best practices and reinforcing your HR culture. Track employee satisfaction and detect departure risk early to be able to respond with the appropriate training measures and meet mobility wishes quickly.

Manage your appraisal process. Monitor your HR campaigns by consolidating all the information in the appraisal management software. Easily plan multi-entity and profession campaigns in several countries and languages and create custom campaign workflows that suit your company. Keep your employees feeling valued and involved by notifying them at each step of the appraisal process. Our appraisal software allows you to tailor each step of your appraisal process to suit the needs of your company.

Coordinate your campaigns. Using the intuitive campaign dashboard of our appraisal management software will improve your HR productivity by making simple the monitoring of your campaigns in real-time. By identifying high performers and key talents, and rewarding their efforts, you encourage talent retention. Additionally, with our software you will be able to see how the appraisal process is progressing by exporting graphics and generating reports with just one click.

Develop the competencies of your talent. Encourage your talents to discover new career possibilities and develop their personal career plans. The Talentsoft appraisal software will help you to realize your talents’ objectives and potential through a process of self-assessment and training facilitated by our catalogue of training opportunities.