Annual Reviews: A Time to Re-evaluate

Conducting annual performance reviews for employees is a standard practice for HR departments. Although they only take place once a year, the groundwork for preparing just one can be time-consuming and form part of the daily tasks of HR teams. Thanks to our cloud-based software, the annual review process has never been so simple nor effective.

Annual performance reviews

An annual employee review is a great opportunity to set a fixed date, which both the employee and the assessor can use as a reference point. In this way, employees have a clear timeframe during which they can aim to meet their targets. At the same time, seniors have a comprehensive overview for performance comparison as they are able to easily monitor the rate of improvement or regression during the 12 months window.

Talentsoft adds to the annual performance review by enabling senior members of staff to continually offer their team pointers, training and feedback regarding their performance, their objectives and their expectations. This information can then be quickly viewed and used to deliver in-depth personalized reviews. Beyond this, it is also possible for employees and senior members to enter into discussions on the outcomes, track progress, and set new goals for the next 12 months, all from a single platform.

Streamline your annual reviews with Talentsoft

Talentsoft brings digital solutions to all HR needs—recruitment, annual performance reviews, career development, learning, and compensation management. We created our software with real HR professionals in mind, that’s why every facet of our products will help you better manage your HR day-to-day. When it comes to annual reviews, our simple, intuitive interface streamlines the whole process, keeping all relevant personnel on the same page and assisting you in identifying key talent and constructing meaningful development plans. Optimize your HR processes all year round with Talentsoft application, designed for HR pros.