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From your learning content needs to your core HR functions – our open talent transformation platform is the place to be.

It combines innovation with security to help you centralize and simplify your employee data – for a better user experience that adds value into the flow of work. So, whether your learning content could be stronger or your onboarding process slicker, our mission is simple: to provide you with a platform that unlocks the potential of every single employee.

That’s why our HCM platform is built for global businesses with local needs. So, you can unify your HR functions, support your learning and performance management needs, and recruit with confidence. 

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An open platform

Flexible to fit your needs. Use it as a primary, secondary, or hybrid model that integrates perfectly within your entire tech ecosystem. It’s agile enough to help you stay ahead of the competition in a fast-changing world. 

Top teamwork

A supportive space for feedback and collaboration. Unite your teams so everyone can develop and grow together. And help managers add actions into the flow of work for more valuable outcomes.

People, not processes

Get the tools to manage your talent. Inspire more people to complete their performance reviews. And motivate your employees with our training and learning content, so they can take their next career step in your organization.

Find your core strength

Core HR and Admin software

We’re taking a stand against complicated HR management platforms. So, we’ve simplified everything. Like looking after your talent, managing documents, and recruiting. We’ve automated it, digitized it, and brought it all together on a single platform which can empower your entire organization. 

Multi-version positions structure

Position-based recruiting

Overstaffed positions management

Transform recruitment

Talent Acquisition software

It’s time to say Hello Talent. Source better candidates, improve your communication with recruiters, and offer unrivalled onboarding experiences for new employees from both inside and outside your organization. So, you can start building long-term relationships with potential hires – not lists.

Vacancy management & job posting

Multichannel recruitment

Candidate tracking and screening

Intelligent tools and automation

Focus on talent

Talent Management software

Let’s bring out the best in everyone. Discover how our solution will help you manage performance, keep conversations flowing, evaluate your talent, transform your salary reviews, match your people’s aspirations with their next opportunity, and optimize your workforce – easily. 

Ongoing objectives management

OKR dashboards for managers

Peer feedback management

Employee check-in management

Let’s get learning

Learning and Training software

Skill up, learn more, and create progress. With our unlimited learning and development activities, creative tools, training management solutions, and content as a service, you can unlock everyone’s potential. And, you can deliver mass training on a more personal level with our learning software – at any time, on any device.

Bespoke production management

Digital assessment pushed in the flow of the learning course

Budget monitoring and ROI improvement through real-time indicators

Embedded analytics

Help HR turn tough decisions into easy wins, with graphs and dashboards designed by UI experts. Our talent analytics can help your HR teams anticipate future challenges and measure effective decision-making. 

Mobile app

Our mobile app revolutionizes the employee experience by accelerating development and expanding opportunities beyond your company’s doors. It’s the always-on personal assistant to your people. 

Teams compatible

In the modern workplace, collaboration drives productivity. Our app works with Microsoft Teams to help managers create a reliable space for performance reviews and feedback – on a tool they already use and know.

Customer experience

We make a promise to help organizations transform, one talent at a time. We can only achieve this by walking hand-in-hand with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of our open platform. Using our Services, you get the opportunity to enrich and enhance your experience as a Talentsoft customer.

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Here’s a list of the most common questions we get asked. Have a look through the topics below to find what you’re looking for.

What is a Human Capital Management (HCM) Software suite?

Human Capital Management (HCM) suites deliver comprehensive functionality that helps organizations attract, develop, engage, retain, and manage their workforces. It’s an end-to-end cloud solution designed to manage the entire life cycle of an employee within one integrated system.

What is a ‘Best-of-Breed’ HR system?

‘Best-of-Breed’ HR systems use strategy to acquire and deploy the systems that offer the best possible capabilities in a specific HCM area (e.g. recruiting, performance, learning, etc). This requires internal resources, knowledge, and an integration plan to ‘bolt together’ each solution.

How many languages are available on Talentsoft?

We support 27 languages. Please contact us for more details on which languages you need.

Is your system licensed for separate product modules?

Yes. We can offer a modular approach.

How is your HR solution different from others?

Compared to our competitors, Talentsoft provides:

  • Faster implementation – we can deliver your solution in as little as four weeks with our Plug and Play option
  • Flexibility – we do not impose our processes; we adapt to yours
  • A unified platform with a broader range of modules that integreate seamlessly together
  • Local customer support (in your local language) and compliance with regional government regulations, such as the European GDPR

Do you have existing integrations to standard Payroll systems?

Yes. Over 600 customers have automated interfaces between Talentsoft and Payroll – HRMS or ERP such as ADP, SAP, Oracle, NGA, Raet, SDworx, Sage, P&I Loga, Peoplesoft, HR Access, Pleiades, Cegedim, Meta4, Cegid, and Accurat.

Do you provide standard integrations (out of the box) with other systems?

Yes. We offer a standard ‘out of the box’ interface to our customers and partners. For product partners such as Quinyx, E-days, or Bodet, Talentsoft offers an integration platform with IPaaS for partners to seamlessly connect.

Can I import CSV files into Talentsoft?

We offer a standard interface for CSV file import/export in native Talentsoft format, as well as in automatic form through an SFTP server (provided by Talentsoft).

Do you feature ‘GDPR requirement support’?

When logging in to Talentsoft for the first time, we always ask you for consent on company GDPR regulations. An ‘extract all personal data’ button is available in the employee record to extract all personal data which is provided on an Excel file, if an employee makes such a request. A delete function is available to remove all employee data upon request. Automatic rules can be set up to anonymize the personal data of employees that have left the company.

Do you feature ‘organization structure management’?

Talentsoft makes it possible to implement any kind of hierarchical, functional, matrix organizations and graphic representations through org charts.

Can HR administrator roles create and publish reports? Making them accessible for managers through self-service?

Reports can be published on the ‘My Talentsoft’ page. And HR administrators can make reports available for managers in one click, once they log in.

Do you support data visualization through dashboards (pre-defined or configurable)?

We are the only talent management vendor that has natively developed its own HR analytics solution. This means we can fully manage any technical challenges, with a tool that has been developed not for data scientists but for HR – from the ground up. We provide pre-packaged dashboards and indicators based on a decade of HR expertise. These are fully customizable dashboards without the need for IT to intervene. They’re also easy to share when reporting to management or team members. So, a business, department, or project team can understand the analytics that matter to them.

Can Talentsoft support in ‘policy management’?

HR policies can be applied in Talentsoft for each HR process. These can be, for example, policies for completing appraisals and appraisal forms, policies for salary reviews which are displayed to managers while they do one, or recruiting policies for candidate management, feedback, etc. These are just a few examples out of many possibilities.

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