Which tool should I choose for human resource management?

Talentsoft human resources management software

Human resources management is one of the key activities in a company and it requires the implementation of a complex policy backed by numerous processes. Using a software program that covers all the activities of your HR Department is essential. Talentsoft, a leader in integrated talent management in SaaS mode, allows users to access all their HR management tools online and fully customize them. Hiring, remuneration, training plans and career management are therefore managed and analyzed to optimize company performance.

Human resources management tools

HR management is a transverse activity and requires specific actions depending on the nature of each company. This is why Talentsoft developed the only software solution in SaaS mode that integrates the complete talent management cycle. This simple, user-friendly software lets you work online to manage profiles, evaluations, personnel reviews and skills guidelines to facilitate all your HR processes. As a real decision-making tool, it supplies all management indicators. Schedule training by analyzing employee review results, job descriptions and skills guidelines. Develop career management plans by viewing areas of internal mobility and pathways between professions. Manage compensation plans by assessing individual and group performance.

HRIS Software

Talentsoft, a leader in integrated talent management in SaaS mode, allows users to access a customized human resources management tool online so they can manage skills, develop employee talents and oversee all human resource functions. Talentsoft is quick to deploy and handles the transfer of your data and integration of your job descriptions, skills guidelines, business lines and management rules. Your HR department is then free to go about hiring, assessing employees, drawing up training plans, conducting personnel reviews and managing careers. All their efforts are optimized to ensure peak performance.

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