Which is the right software package for human resource management?

Human resource management software package, integrated talent management

Trust Talentsoft, the leader in integrated talent management. Our software solution in SaaS mode offers a comprehensive and customizable tool to handle all human resource processes.

Discover the Talentsoft Human Resources management software package through its tailor-made solution. From simple HR tasks to defining a company strategy, the Talentsoft software package is there to help you. The "Talentsoft Performance & Competencies", "Talentsoft Talent Review", "Talentsoft Learning", "Talentsoft compensation", "Talentsoft Workforce Planning", "Talentsoft Core HR", "Talentsoft HR Analytics" and "Talentsoft Recruiting" modules enable you to develop a consistent, effective human resource management policy. They are complemented by "My Talentsoft", a custom interface for every employee, as well as the TS corporate module which incorporates administrative management of personnel.

Our human resources management software package makes it possible to seamlessly and effectively monitor your talent management actions and strategy. It handles processes across all departments to attract, develop and retain your company's human capital. Talentsoft can be accessed directly online to surround you with a team to oversee your transition. By assisting you with every step of implementing the Talentsoft software suite, we ensure that your talent management initiative will be a success.

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