Which recruiting software solution should I choose?

Managing recruitment

Managing recruitment can quickly become a time-consuming task for HR staff. From publishing job offers to reviewing applications, the tasks are often tedious before you can really concentrate on what matters most: hiring new talent for the company. The "Talentsoft Recruiting" recruitment management software solution makes it possible to streamline these processes to boost efficiency. Recruitment via Internet employment sites like jobboards sites and professional social networks also has an impact in terms of cost and time. Talentsoft talent management software will meet all your needs in these areas.

Talentsoft recruitment management software solution

"Talentsoft Recruiting", the recruitment management software solution from Talentsoft, offers centralized management while remaining accessible to all your company's employees thanks to its online interface, which makes it an invaluable tool for HR management. Work with managers to define the desired profiles and publish your job offers internally, on specialized sites and on professional social networks. Capitalize on the company's brand and generate efficiency reports for the various hiring channels to optimize cost, quality and time. Spend more time reading resumes than processing them, facilitate the drafting of form letters and resume management by pooling them and leverage the software to support managers in their hiring campaigns.

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