Human Resources Solutions

Your human resources department is one of the core parts of your company or organization. It should efficiently maximize the performance of your employees for the benefit of your company's objectives and aims. The primary focus of any human resource department should thus be on the management of people. This starts with the way your staff are selected and recruited, how you train and develop them, their appraisal and the rewards they receive for their performance. A HR department has to manage pay and benefits, deal with industrial relations and implement any relevant governmental laws. Using an IT package that covers all these aspects of the HR role is a vital tool for any company. Human resources solutions provided by Talentsoft can be trusted to provide a software system of integrated talent management. Talentsoft's package of 'software as a service', or SaaS, is a fully customizable tool that helps deal with all your human resource actions.

Talentsoft's software provides assistance in developing a company HR strategy, which is efficient and coherent. This starts with identifying staff and recruiting, training and compensating them. This process is complemented by My Talentsoft, which provides each of your employees with their own interface, linking them to your HR department. Talentsoft provides HR solutions which develop and retain the human capital investment of your company. This is backed up with a direct line to the Talentsoft team, who are there to support your HR department when using the software.

Talentsoft allows for a two-way flow of traffic between your HR management and your staff. Personal details can be easily updated and checked from both sides. Your management team can interact easily with any recruitment campaigns and processes. All aspects of your human resources, throughout your company, are brought together with a free flow of necessary and vital information. Talentsoft's online software manages staff profiles, appraisals and evaluations. Staff have their own personal journals, tracking their goals and training. The software analyses and evaluates performance results and benchmarks, giving a true and real time update on staff progress, set against their own and company goals. This allows for the efficient planning of training and career management, leading to your staff feeling valued and committed.

Talentsoft's human resources solutions package is easy to implement. Data transfer is simple and all human resource actions are easy to integrate within your company's rules, as well as any trade and government regulations, job references and necessary skills. With this powerful tool your HR department can steer recruitment and staff training calmly and with minimal stress, leading to the optimized performance of all your staff and ultimately your company or organization.

Once staff are recruited and have their own interface with the Talentsoft software, you have a strong personnel planning tool at your fingertips. The software can be fully customized to manage projects, break them down into phases and make sure you have the right staff in the right place, at the right time. Work benefits and social benefits can all be tailor made to suit your company, and once customized will work efficiently and seamlessly with the rest of your human resources solutions. Talented staff combined with human resources solutions provided by Talentsoft will help your business or organization move forward with success.