What is a Human Resource Planning Software?

HRIS Software

More than a simple HRIS program, the Talentsoft software suite supports you throughout the entire HR process for dynamic, integrated talent management. The solution can be adapted to your company's needs, culture and standards. The Talentsoft package is a real decision-making tool that works across functions to plan, manage evaluation, remuneration, training and career management campaigns to implement a consistent HR policy that delivers results.

Human Resource Planning Software

Human resource planning entails gathering and processing information that is important to effective talent management. By enabling employees to input their data (by granting them access to the HR information flows that pertain to them) or by enabling managers to access hiring campaigns at each site over the Internet, Talentsoft offers an easily accessible, cross-functional solution that hews closely to your company's needs. All HR processes are facilitated, from operational actions to analysis and development of a human resources strategy.

Human Resource Planning Software definition

A Human Resource Planning Software is an interface that facilitates the work of human resources personnel in a company. Administrative activities associated with HR management such as payroll, scheduling and benefits are automated. The Talentsoft software suite empowers you to go beyond basic administration tasks to enact a powerful talent management planning policy.

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