HR Software Solution

Talentsoft is a market leader in fully integrated Human Resources management software. A unique HR software solution with customizable functions to suit every business from small companies through to global brands.

Every aspect of HR is incorporated starting from recruitment, through to training and personnel management. Our comprehensive and customizable software features individual modules which can be combined to meet the needs of any business. Keep secure employee records while utilizing development tools to create the most efficient workforce. Talentsoft is adaptable software which organically grows with your company, employees and the broader business world.

This dynamic HR software solution simplifies procedures, reduces the need for paperwork and improves interdepartmental relationships with HR. As the heart of a company, HR deals with sensitive information and processes. Talentsoft appreciates this important position and is built with this as its central focus. A support team will assist with implementation to maximize the personalized benefits within the custom built software.

Talentsoft offers transparency to employees, allowing them to enter their own personal information, as well as to managers, enabling them to be fully involved in the recruitment process. A true HR software solution benefits the entire organization, not only through data management but also through comprehensive reporting. Analysis, planning and reviews are integrated into the program to give a full picture the current and future status of the workforce. The multilingual function allows for effective and trouble free communication with employees around the world.

The streamlined recruitment software includes a plug and play career website to advertise job vacancies both internally and externally, including professional social network integration. Manual recruitment efforts are kept to a minimum, while automated functions create a ready-made shortlist, speeding up the recruitment process.

Customize performance records and assessments, monitor progress and training opportunities. Employees can access this section to self-assess and enjoy full involvement in their own career progression. Following on from employee reviews, the development module allows for integrated planning and target setting. Organize training sessions and create an e-learning portal for employees to access. Track costs and budget requirements while customizing training courses to suit current business needs.

Manage remuneration packages for each individual employee and follow budgets set for each department. The Talentsoft HR software solution allows you to keep up to date with current salary benchmarks internally, as well as the market rate throughout each career division. Implement salary reviews and liaise with managers regarding bonuses and raises using the Talentsoft Compensation module.

Small and medium sized business can benefit from ready-made Talentsoft 100% cloud based solutions designed for their specific needs. Garner the expertise and flexible strategies of HR and career management software used in multinational corporations, scaled down for smaller organizations.

The main aims of Talentsoft are to streamline HR processes, cut costs and centralize HR management, for the most efficient use of time and personnel. Consolidate recruitment, career management and everyday HR roles with one powerful and effective software solution.