CSR by Talentsoft

Contributing to the common good through employee-led initiatives.

At Talentsoft, our mission is to promote a positive work experience. We are attentive to our workers every day by creating conditions that empower them to be players in their professional journey. We transform the company as a whole, making it grow, as well as our workers, in a secure psychological environment, in order to create sustainable value. We strongly engage in developping our actions in all the regions in which we are operational ; all Talentsoftees throughout the world are involved in CSR. As a European leader of human capital management, our company is dedicated to playing a significant role and having a positive impact in society as a whole.

Our Engagements
Talentsoft and its workers engage themselves in a CSR process through 3 main pillars and concrete actions. Each year we also offer a "CSR day" to our Talentsoftees to get involved and participate in an initiative of their choice.


Enhancing the human potential of each person

  • By promoting the capacity to express oneself and to act on their work experience

  • By facilitating personal development

  • By preserving physical as well as psychological health

  • By recognizing workers in their diversity


Acting in favor of society

  • Through our territorial, economic and social impact

  • Through our partnerships with committed associations

  • Through the responsible management of sub-contractors and relations with our service providers


Implementing and leading sustainable policies on

  • Pollution and waste management

  • Energy consumption: sustainable use of resources

  • Green IT : control energy consumption through our value-creating activity

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