Transform, one talent at a time

The world of work is rapidly evolving – it’s plain for all to see. Future success belongs to those who transform the skills and talents of their people with agility and purpose.

We’re the European leader in HCM solutions, thousands of organizations use our open People@Work platform to help all their people thrive.

European by nature, global by design

Our open platform combines innovation with security to help you centralize and simplify your employee data – for a better user experience that adds value into the flow of work.

Our solutions are built for global businesses with local needs – because we understand your challenges and put your users first.

What’s your workforce struggling with?

High performers flying solo won’t help your business succeed – but everyone working together will. If you keep your people engaged with opportunities, their efforts will fall in line with the needs of your business. For that, you’ll need the tools to spot potential and get ready for tomorrow – today.

Turn on team power

Who puts the power in teams? The answer is: everyone. When everyone’s working together, the result is always better.

Push in the same direction

Providing the right development opportunities will help feed your people’s ambitions – and your organization’s success.

Harness your data for success

Data can help you spot potential and learn how your people are progressing. Get more out of it and you’ll start transforming, one talent at a time.

Transform for tomorrow

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? By transforming your organization to be truly agile, you can be ready for whatever comes next.

Discover solutions for everyone

Want to know how we can help you in your role? Whether you’re a C level executive or working on the front line, we can help you unlock your potential. We know that this means different things for different roles, so let’s explore what it could mean for you.


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Deciding on an HCM solution?

As a leader, when it comes to your people’s needs, you want to give them the best to get the best out of them. You need an HCM solution that drives value for your organization.

HR Team LeadS

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Looking for a unique HCM solution?

As an HR Team Lead, you’re responsible for the talent working under you, but you’re also accountable to those above.

For you, it’s about having the people data to make smarter decisions, with a platform that keeps your organization secure. One that provides endless learning and development opportunities to help your team upskill and be the best they can be. 


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Ready to upgrade your HRIS?

As an IT expert, you know that technology is evolving all the time. So, when it comes to your organization’s future success, you need a flexible HRIS that will return value, fit in easily, and enhance security.




Needing to purchase an HR solution?

When you work in procurement, you’re responsible for making sure a purchase is fit for purpose. And when it comes to your organization’s needs, it’s about having a cost-effective platform that will drive value and get the best work out of everyone.



Wishing for a better HCM solution?

When you’re working on the front line, you need the right tools to do your best work each and every day. That means having an HCM solution that’s fast and easy to use, and lets you focus on the future.

Find your core strength

Core HR and Admin software

We’re taking a stand against complicated HR management platforms. So, we’ve simplified everything. Like looking after your talent, managing documents, and recruiting. We’ve automated it, digitized it, and brought it all together on a single platform which can empower your entire organization. 

Admin event management

Templating management

Workforce analytics

Employee and organizational data

Transform recruitment

Talent Acquisition software

It’s time to say Hello Talent. Source better candidates, improve your communication with recruiters, and offer unrivalled onboarding experiences for new employees from both inside and outside your organization. So, you can start building long-term relationships with potential hires – not lists.

Simple & intuitive sourcing (not visible on this screen)

Collaborative candidate evaluation and nurturing

Smart assistant, intelligence and automation

Focus on talent

Talent Management software

Let’s bring out the best in everyone. Discover how our solution will help you manage performance, keep conversations flowing, evaluate your talent, transform your salary reviews, match your people’s aspirations with their next opportunity, and optimize your workforce – easily. 

Comprehensive picture of each talent

Ability to parse resumes, declare experiences and skills, and report on data available in other HR processes

Suggest related skills or capabilities

Key interface for People Search & Talent Marketplace

Let’s get learning

Learning and Training software

Skill up, learn more, and create progress. With our unlimited learning and development activities, creative tools, training management solutions, and content as a service, you can unlock everyone’s potential. And, you can deliver mass training on a more personal level with our learning software – at any time, on any device.

Training recommendations per job, language, experience…

Blended training in the flow of work

Advanced Training animations features

It was a patchwork quilt of different systems and processes. We were doing the best with what was in place, but we knew that change had to take place if we were truly going to empower our people to take charge of their own careers.


Turn on talent

How did we get here? In 2007, we launched Talentsoft, a Cegid Company to offer European companies a digital HR platform that’s built around people and transforms the working experience. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength.

Want to know more about us? Find out why we have a talent for talent here.

Get a demo

Want to see our platform in action? No problem. We have lots of short, useful videos that show how our solution works and how it’ll help you unlock potential.