TS Planning - map your companies future including skills planning

TalentSoft's TS planning module is the link between company scenarios and talent management.

Using Talent Planning, simulate your proposed ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURES and their impact on jobs and competencies to help establish your HR ACTION PLANS.

Build your JOB AND COMPETENCY FRAMEWORKS, simulate your EMPLOYEES' CAREER PATHS and plan your company's long-term HR STRATEGY.


The benefits of integrated talent management

  • Use your frameworks horizontally across the company with the solution's various modules
  • Build your recruitment, assessment, mobility and training plans based on scenarios and simulations generated by the TS planning module
  • Manage consistency between operational business actions and job and competency planning


  1. Manage your job frameworks
    Create your frameworks and bring them to life

    Create your frameworks and bring them to life

    ✔ Map out your current and future jobs and analyse your company's job profiles.

    Identify competencies associated with profiles for positions, jobs, and job families.

    ✔ Analyse the level of competency expected for a job using competency pivot tables.

  2. Simulate your position change maps
    TS planning - Integrated Talent Management solution

    Compare positions from within different HR frameworks

    ✔ Anticipate possible job specification changes and construct career paths.

    ✔ View obsolete competencies, shared competencies and competencies to be acquired in order to implement functional mobility.

    ✔ Anticipate possible job role changes among your employees.

  3. Workforce and Competencies Planning areas
    TS planning - Integrated Talent Management solution

    Identify mobility opportunities between two job roles

    ✔ View possible job role changes within your company simply, by means of a mobility area.

    ✔ Identify and select accessible positions by percentage of key competencies required to access them.

    ✔ Identify the company's rare and key positions using your own criteria.

  4. Talent Planning
    TS planning - Integrated Talent Management solution

    Simulate and plan your job and competency strategies

    ✔ Model various business activity scenarios in combination with your company strategy and mesure their impact on recruitment, mobility, training, compensation, etc.

    ✔ Construct your HR policy and manage changes among your staff.

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