TS my talentsoft

TS my talentsoft is the entry point of the solution for all employees.

Access HR information and key indicators from a single screen. Facilitate your decision making with CONFIGURABLE DASHBOARDS.

Adopt a COLLABORATIVE approach and develop your Talent social network. HR, managers and employees: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CAREER.


The benefits of integrated talent management

  • Use the profiles filled in by your employees for all your HR processes: appraisal interviews, development plans,people reviews, etc.
  • Consult assessment interviews directly from your TS my talentsoft home page.
  • Automatically escalate mobility or training requests made by your employees.

A question about the module?

  1. Personalise your HR portal
    Personalise your HR portal

    Build your dashboards

    With TS Apps, completely configure your TalentSoft home page. Carry out your actions from one single screen.

    ✔ Access all HR information in one click: latest HR news of your company, list of your actions to be performed (such as reviews to be completed), training catalogue and internal talent pool...

    ✔ Managers and HR: control your campaigns with customised indicators.

  2. Create your Online Profile
    Create your Online Profile

    Build your professional network

    My profile: Your resume at your fingertips!

    ✔ Evaluate and update your competencies and experiences with a single clic; share your profile and develop your professional network internally.

    ✔ Managers and HR: Locate this information inside TalentSoft with TS Search and base your decision making on constantly up-to-date information.

  3. Take control of your own career
    Take control of your own career

    Express your own career path wishes

    Communicate with your internal network and take an active role in the development of your career.

    Share a job offer with your network; inform your managers and HR of your training and mobility requests, follow the progress of your stated preferences.

    ✔ Managers and HR: quickly issue your decisions on requests for changes and propose targeted development actions.

  4. Analyse your results
    Analyse your results

    Produce your own competency report

    My results: view your performance over a given period and canvass opinions from your managers and HR.

    ✔ Monitor the growth of your competencies over time, view your objectives being achieved and to be realised, compare your profile to the required profile for your job.

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