Analyse your Human Capital and identify your individual and collective areas for

Carry out your people reviews

Specify ACTION PLANS aligned with your company's strategy and developed to suit each of your employees: career progression, training, mobility.

Get an overall view of your human capital using a variety of DECISION MAKING tools: dashboards, diagrams and maps.


The benefits of Integrated Talent Management

  • Use consolidated information drawn from other modules in the solution such as Mini-CVs, appraisal interviews, mobility requests and training requirements.
  • Inform your managers and involve them in their employees' career planning process.
  • Improve co-operation between Human Resources and managers in people reviews.


  1. View your employee profiles
    Access your employees' career records

    ✔ HR: get your managers involved in managing the careers of their teams.

    ✔ Managers: analyse the competencies of your team members. Access employee data drawn from TalentSoft modules, position your employees against a given profile, compare each employee's level against the required level of competency for a position.

  2. Conduct your Talent Reviews
    Position your employees against a given competency profile

    HR: conduct your PEOPLE REVIEWS and prepare your SUCCESSION PLANS with ease.

    ✔ Manage your career committees and identify key talent in your organisation.

    ✔ Build and validate your development plans inside and outside a position: training, mobility, compensation, succession, etc.

    Anticipate changes in your organisation: identify the most suitable candidates to take over a position with TS SuccessionPush.

  3. Access your Talent Capital
    Identify your employees on a customised map

    An overall view of your competencies

    Managers and HR: analyse identified competencies from your assessment interviews and career committees.

    ✔ Position your employees against a given competency profile and dynamically compare the positioning of your employees on a competency grid.

    ✔ Build personalised career plans.

  4. Talent Simulation
    Monitor changes in the group development

    Realtime changes in your competencies

    Managers and HR: build your HR plans in line with your organisation. Improve your competency management.

    ✔ Identify key development areas at both individual and group level.

    ✔ Build your HR policy using various graphical methods: age pyramid, histogram, etc.

    Build your reports in a few clicks by copy/pasting graphics.

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