TS evaluation - Manage your HR interview campaigns

Go paperless and customise your forms, automate your campaigns such as annual appraisals, performance, objective and career reviews.

Facilitate your DECISION MAKING and improve your HR PRODUCTIVITY: fewer administrative tasks and more high added-value actions.

Get into a ZERO-PAPER sustainable development mindset.


The benefits of integrated talent management

  • Use your HR frameworks horizontally across the solution's various modules.
  • Access your stats assessments, updated in real time, to assist your decisions on training, mobility and compensation.
  • Reuse your evaluation statistics for your people reviews and talent planning in the TS identification module.


  1. Customise your forms
    Customise your forms

    Discover the TS Toolkit

    Create and identically reproduce your evaluation forms with TS TalentForm.

    ✔ Customise your forms using the TalentSoft tools and Drag&Drop feature.

    Incorporate your vision for reviews, your analysis and scoring methods.

    Harmonise HR practices across your sites, subsidiaries, countries, languages, etc.

  2. Integrate your HR frameworks
    Dynamise and share your job and competency frameworks

    Structure your HR strategies

    Create your frameworks. Monitor and control your employees' jobs and competencies.

    ✔ Integrate your job mapping and adjust competencies to suit your company's future requirements.

    ✔ Involve your employees with TS Pick&Choose: they can adapt the frameworks to suit the on-ground situation.

    ✔ Reuse this data in your people reviews.

  3. Create your assessment campaigns
    Create your assessment campaigns

    Launch your campaigns

    Create your custom-made campaigns with ease.

    ✔ Easily select employees to be assessed using TS Search, a dedicated multi-criteria search tool.

    ✔ Define acceptance processes and appraisers using your organisational charts.

    ✔ Alert your employees and managers to a campaign launch via My events.

  4. Control and exploit your campaigns
    Control and exploit your campaigns

    Bring your assessments to life

    Collect, organise and manage talent relationship data: performance, competencies and experience.

    ✔ Monitor changes in the outcomes of your campaigns in real time.

    ✔ Send reminders to your employees and managers with one click.

    ✔ Download your results directly into your document templates with TS TalentOffice.

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