TS training - Integrated Talent Management solution

TalentSoft's TS training module manages your training plans and sessions simply, and provides sustainable support for the personal and professional development of your organisation.

Identify your requirements, build your CATALOGUE, manage your ENROLMENTS and create your TRAINING PLANS in compliance with statutory requirements.


The benefits of integrated training management

  • Re-use training preferences and proposals from other TalentSoft modules
  • Draw upon your own job and competency frameworks used in TS evaluation
  • Search for employees using TS search, a multi-criteria search field accessible throughout the solution
  • Access the training actions history log while working on your Talent Reviews


  1. Create your training catalogue
    Personalise your training placements and sessions

    Personnalise your training placements and sessions

    ✔ Create and manage your training catalogue with just a few clicks.

    ✔ View easy-to-read information about training courses and monitor the sessions scheduled in Outlook Lotus Notes.

  2. Combine your requests and proposals
    Consolidate all your training data

    Combine your requests and proposals

    ✔ Using TalentSoft Integrated management system, combine all your employees' and managers' training preferences and proposals.

    ✔ Enjoy the benefits of a multi-channel database: annual meetings, Talent Reviews, individual requests, collective requests, etc.

    ✔ Centralise your training requests in one single location.

  3. Manage your requests and create your training plans
    TS training - integrated training management

    Build plans to match your HR objectives and budgets

    ✔ Examine and simulate the impact of your training requests on your HR plans and budgets.

    ✔ Approve or reject these requests and use this information to build training plans.

    ✔ Take advantage of focused decision-making tools: indicators, statistics, etc.

  4. Administer and analyse your training
    Monitor the growth of your talents in real time

    Monitor the growth of your talents in real time

    ✔ Access all the information you need to conduct your training sessions with a single click.

    ✔ Benefit from statistics, indicators and reports that update in real time, helping you to produce your training assessments.

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