TS mobility - Integrated Talent Management solution
  • Consolidate all requests and requirements for geographical or functional mobility,
  • Monitor the mobility actions by managing statuses and alerts,
  • Simulate the simulate the potential movement between two jobs roles and compare the current skills to the skills required to gain access to another position,
  • View the functional mobility areas of your employees by showing the positions that are close in terms of required skills,
  • Consolidate your mobility plans in accordance with your HR actions, e.g. recruitment, compensation,
  • Integrate your job and competency framework,
  • Motivate your employees to participate and reinforce the HR role of your operational managers.


The benefits of integration:

  • The career manager consolidates the wishes for functional and geographical mobility listed in the different TalentSoft modules (e.g. Employee Area, appraisal forms, People Review), studies their feasibility using the mobility areas and relies on the statistics available in TalentSoft.
  1. Analyse your mobility plans
    TS mobility - Integrated Talent Management solution

    Transform the geographical and functional mobility requirements of all of your employees into graphical reports and dashboards. Filter and personalise your data, e.g. locations, approvals, percentage of mobility offered or desired.

  2. Manage the wishes for mobility
    TS mobility - Integrated Talent Management solution

    Consolidate all of the wishes for geographical or functional mobility issued by your employees and operational managers. View their status, issue date and content. Manage these wishes with ease, e.g. validate, refuse or issue new proposals, enter comments.

  3. Simulate job change opportunities
    TS mobility - Integrated Talent Management solution

    Compare the current skills of an employee to the skills required to access another position through job change opportunities. Decide if the mobility is possible, and if so, how: by reinforcing skills, by acquiring skills, etc.

  4. View the mobility areas
    TS mobility - Integrated Talent Management solution

    Simulate the mobility options in an area for an employee in comparison to the positions of the same family, the same job, or all of the other positions of your company. Personalise your simulations to identify the potential mobility per employee.

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