TS recruiting - Integrated Talent Management solution

TalentSoft presents its TS Recruiting module for managing your recruitment decisions in harmony with your strategic objectives.

Enhance all YOUR PROCESSES, from the first indication of a requirement to the point of HIRING.

Connect to professional SOCIAL NETWORKS and maximise your EMPLOYER BRAND.

Involve your managers and employees in all your HR CAMPAIGNS.


The benefits of integrated talent management

  • Facilitate information sharing between employees, managers, HR and recruitment administrators
  • Customise the solution to your recruitment processes in association with your job and competency librairies
  • Gain real-time access to your employee information: mini CV, mobility wishes
  • Use the information gathered for your other HR campaigns: appraisal meetings, personnel reviews

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  1. Manage your requirements and your vacancies
    Manage your requirements and your vacancies

    HR: Centralise and control your resourcing requirements

    ✔ Define your approval workflows and create a vacancy with just a few clicks.

    ✔ Schedule the distribution of your vacancies and analyse their performance.

    ✔ Your managers participate un the process of recruiting your future employees. They state their requirements and monitor approval status in real time.

  2. Develop your social network
    Work within your current ecosystem

    Maximise your employer brand

    ✔ HR can personalise the ready-made recruitment portal and adapt websites' HR contents

    ✔ HR can import Linkedin profiles to their candidate pool in one click.

    ✔ Your employees stay informed about available positions within your organisation, up-date their mini-CV, submit their applications and co-opt candidates.

  3. Manage applications
    TS recruiting - integrated recruitment management

    Managers and HR: Retain the right candidate

    ✔ Identify the ideal candidate with TS Matching and facilitate your decision making with TS Scoring.

    ✔ Capture the opinions of your managers concerning an application and communicate with your candidates using email and SMS templates.

    ✔ Easily analyse the performance of your job boards: numbers of responses, candidates retained and hired.

  4. Finalise your recruitments
    Manage hiring and internal mobility

    Manage your hiring and internal mobility

    ✔ Create a hiring proposal and draft your contracts with a sigle click in your own templates.

    ✔ Send these elements to the Payroll service: interface with your payroll software easily.

    Export your documents in Excel or PDF using TS TalentOffice.

    ✔ Finalise you recruitments processes: monitor the probationary periods for new hires using alerts.

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