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Software as-a-service

The Talentsoft application is SaaS-based, which means you can access it via the internet at any time, from any device, using your personal login details.

Talentsoft’s products have been SaaS-based (Software-as-a-Service), from the beginning, offering the same, fully configurable, multi-tenant solution to all our clients.

Whether you work in a large multinational corporation, a specialized local business or an SME with specific challenges, Talentsoft adapts to your company’s environment, processes and needs to deliver the best services possible.

Our teams manage all updates, maintenance and hosting of your talent management solution throughout your subscription.


Permanent web access to the latest version of the solution

A cloud with an arrow going down

Regular automatic software updates, giving access to our latest technical developments

Server drive

No scalability or administration cost thanks to the pooling of technical resources

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Deployment with no IT investment and no installation on your employees' workstations

A hand over a dashed zone

HR managers can configure forms and processes themselves. No technical knowledge necessary

Pieces of money

Flexible financing model, by subscription or perpetual licenses (Operational Expenditure or Capital Expenditure)

Cloud hosting and data security

The security of employees' personal data is our primary concern. We select our hosting centers according to the highest security, flexibility, responsiveness and availability criteria, hence our strategic alliances with Microsoft (Windows Azure), Bull, Telecity and Interxion. Having several data centers throughout Europe allows us to quickly set up new clients, spread the workload between several suppliers and quickly increase capacity. Our data centers operate in tandem which ensure maximum availability and no data loss.

Our clients choose the geographical area in which they want to host their applications and data in order to facilitate their accessibility and to respect their native country's security commitments, with 24/7 support from our global teams.

We host all our client data in the world's most secure data centers (in Europe, the United States and Asia), benefiting from the best certifications (Conceptec - Certified data protection…) and standards, including:
- ISO 27001 (Europe)
- ISAE 3402
- SSAE16

Agile performance management

Timer inside a cycling arrow
Our software development methods follow industry best practices.

To ensure stable and rapid deployment of the Talentsoft application, our teams apply an Agile methodology. This relies on iterative and adaptive development cycles.

This method allows us to meet our clients' expectations, within a limited timeframe, while developing our teams' skills. Our developers work in two-person teams using the Pair Programming technique to achieve optimum responsiveness and flexibility for each project.

Our Agile-oriented development lab allows us to automate software code testing and monitoring to achieve optimum quality.

These project practices are key to our infrastructure and are monitored during the development and creation of each new functionality, to ensure our clients benefit from the highest-quality possible. 

Innovation is a top priority at Talentsoft. Our Agile application development methods enable us to continuously refine our application, keeping it as closely aligned as possible to the market's latest HR practices and our clients' operational issues.

Joël Bentolila, Talentsoft - Technical Director

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