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TalentSoft has developed alliances with the best partners in HR Consulting and Systems Integration to guarantee your talent management project’s success.



Our partners will work with you to define your HR processes and key success criteria. The TS quickstart methodology is adopted by all of our partners and guarantees on-time and on-budget implementation. Our partners work in partnership with the TalentSoft teams throughout all project stages: leading workshops, identifying and agreeing upon deliverables, acceptance testing, etc. Guidance will also provide about change management ensuring a successful implementation and adoption.


TalentSoft and its partners: a unique ecosystem comprising over 80 certified consultants working to optimise your HR policy and ensure the best return on investment.


The TalentSoft Partner Certification Programme


  • Level 1 Certification : one day of user training, valid for one year, includes product and process training using case studies.
  • Level 2 Certification : two days of administrator training, valid for one year, designed to guarantee the autonomy of partners working on configuring the TalentSoft application modules.
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    Personal Swiss 2014
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    TalentSoft expands European leadership in Talent Management