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Gain instant access to a comprehensive document library: user guides, best practice advice and product sheets on the functionalities of your Talentsoft application. All of the information you need to keep up to date with the latest product news.

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TS Academy Training & Best Practices

The Talentsoft solution is designed for intuitive use by all users, with no need for special computer skills. In order for you to make the most of all the functionalities, our teams provide you with training free of charge. All training is adapted to your role (recruitment manager, training manager, HR Development manager, etc.) and existing knowledge.

Taking either half a day or a full day, depending on your needs, this training will broaden your understanding of the application and allow you to discover the latest functionalities. The training sessions are structured toward a better practical understanding of your Talentsoft solution.

Our experts will show you how to make best use of the application as well as answer any questions.
Following these sessions you will have access to user guides, practical cases, new functionality sheets and more in your personal TS Community area, allowing you to remain up to date on developments. Find all topics and training dates in your TS Community area.

TS Academy allows you to become fully independent in managing your HR programs.

Talentsoft training schedules

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1 / Functional training

These training sessions are centered on the application's key functionalities (creation of online forms, report customization). They allow you to take control of advanced tool settings in order to customize your forms (annual appraisal, training requests, mobility requests, etc.) and your reporting to support your HR programs and policies as closely as possible.

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2 / Professional training

These training sessions are built around functional processes (competency management, training, recruiting, and compensation management). Gain expert knowledge of your solution's key features and be able to improve and manage your HR processes independently. Our experts share best practices, develop plans of action and manage internal change processes with you. These training sessions are also an opportunity to discuss and share opinions with other HR professionals on how to best configure Talentsoft to support business processes.


To even better respond to your needs, Talentsoft innovates with Best Practice workshops. Hosted by Talentsoft users, these sessions provide our community with the opportunity to share their experiences and make the most of best practices in talent management.
The topics covered in these sessions include: international deployment, HR marketing, employer branding, customized reports and much more.

Talentsoft workshops are held by users of the solution who share their best practices using specific practical examples. These sessions allow us to discuss common problems with other HR professionals and to gain a better understanding of the solution.

Valérie Blimer, Audioptic - HRMS Manager

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