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TS Community

Our customers and partners are a crucial element to our success. In order to encourage the sharing of best practices and further development of our solution to meet our customer’s needs, we have established an exclusive group of Talentsoft HR experts who share information in the TS Community.

Dedicated to our users, TS Community’s aim is to enable meaningful exchanges between HR and HRIS professionals. In order to achieve this, we provide an online customer area which brings together all the documentation you may need to optimize use of the application. In addition, we also organize exclusive events throughout the year, such as Club TS and best practice workshops. These events allow you to take part in strategic decision-making for our product roadmap and to contribute new ideas for enhancing your talent management solution.

New functionalities, version upgrades, exclusive videos, product sheets, upcoming events, HR articles, expert advice... access all of the information and resources available for optimum use of the Talentsoft solution.

TS Community includes


An annual meeting to discuss HR trends, an exchange of experiences and best practices, and joint decision-making on the future direction of products.


An online area reserved to customers where they can access a comprehensive library of documentation and user guides on the solution's functionalities, and keep up to date on the latest news regarding products, events, versions and much more.


Hosted by Talentsoft users, these sessions provide our community with the opportunity to share their experiences on specific use cases. The topics covered in these sessions include: international deployment, HR marketing, employer branding, customized reports and much more.

TS Community events are an opportunity for us to meet other users of the Talentsoft solution. It's also an important opportunity to share our best practices and discover new ways of using the solution depending on specific problems. It's also a chance for us to get more involved in directing the product roadmap in accordance with our current priorities and to work side-by-side with Talentsoft in developing a solution which meets our operational needs.

Catarina Viana-Garcia, Elior – Group HR Development Process Manager

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