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Software publisher SAGE reviews its competencies with Talentsoft

After developing a competency and talent framework, SAGE decided to conduct its Talent and Competency Management projects with Talentsoft. The solution will be fully implemented for the next assessment process.

In November 2008, SAGE France signed a Strategic Workforce and Competency Planning agreement (known as « GPEC » in French). This was the starting point for a process that aimed to align HR supervision with the company's strategy. To succeed in this, the 2 500-employee French subsidiary of the English supplier of business management software needed a clear view of all its competencies.

The first - and key - step of the project was the Fall 2009 implementation of workgroups that included managers to design a catalogue of jobs and related competencies. This step was based on an analysis performed using initial mapping established with pay data.

Key points

The application brings together all our data and generates the dashboards we need to support staff development and, as a result, the company's competences. It is clearly a useful decision-making tool.

Laure Pourageaud, Sage - Human Resources Manager

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