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Parexlanko optimizes HR management thanks to Talentsoft.

In 2009, the specialist in ready-to-use industrial mortar virtualized the forms used in its annual job performance reviews. This was the first step in a review of its HR processes that aims to better reward and manage the talent that is present in the company.

At the start of 2009, the employee reviews were held for the first time using the Talentsoft application, from the vendor of the same name, that is sold in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. Instead of completing the traditional hardcopy form, managers recorded their meetings in an electronic form.

The decision was taken to computerize the annual meetings in an effort to optimize the process and build a comprehensive knowledge base that acts like the company's memory, making handovers with the same department much easier. Talentsoft was selected after an abortive attempt to deploy one of its competitors. Talentsoft distinguishes itself because it is accessible and flexible, yet complete.

The first challenge facing the HR Department was preserving the friendly and rewarding dimensions of face-to-face interviews. The second challenge was to reach every single employee, which was the case with the hardcopy forms. Both of these goals were achieved thanks to the training campaign and the ease-of-use of the tool. As a consequence, the introduction of the software did not impair the quality of the interviews and the campaign scored a great success, with a return rate of 70%.

Key points

The dematerialization of the appraisal forms is a first step towards the job and competency management and planning project which we wish to build with the Talentsoft application.

Nathalie Renouard, Parexlanko - International HR Development Manager

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