Digitalization of human resources: from traditional to strategic HR

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Employee performance is key to Bunker Holding who, has more than doubled its size over the last two years, growing from 300 to 750 employees and an annual turnover of 11 billion USD. To support this rapid growth, the human resources team needed to reinvent its practices and processes.


  • From traditional HR to strategic HR
  • From manual actions to automatic processes
  • From scattered information to collectable and organized data (statistics and reports)
  • From providing little help to employees to providing personalized constant support


  • More time to support employees and listen to their needs
  • Reporting tools to track important indicators, generate reports and share information internally.
  • More added value provided by HR to the business
  • Agility and proactivity
  • 24/7 support


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Workforce planning

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We can now easily measure statistics, generate reports and share data internally, which has facilitated our planning immensely. Instead of being reactive, we can now be proactive. It was also very important for us to get rid of all manual processes and Excel sheets so that the HR department can turn their focus to other important issues. Instead of burying ourselves in administrative work, we can now support our employees and provide them with the best service possible.
Mirjam Petersen
HR Manager — Bunker Holding
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