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The Bolloré group is optimising its talent management with talentsoft's integrated suite

The Bolloré group, created in 1822, is among the 500 largest companies in the world and is involved in numerous business sectors, including transport and logistics, energy distribution, specialised systems and terminals, and communications and media. With a presence in all five continents, it employs more than 35,000 employees with 8,000 of them in France. The broad diversity of business areas results in a mixture of recruitments meaning that HR functions tend to be decentralised at the level of each organisation. 

It was essential that the new talent management solution allowed employee management to be optimised across the sectors, in all the group subsidiaries, and that it interfaced easily with HR Access V5. Having met with various software publishers, the Bolloré Group chose the Talentsoft integrated solution to manage its 900 annual external recruitments, its internal mobility and its employee appraisals. ​Talentsoft consolidates employee data from appraisal campaigns, allowing HR to gain from an improved view of their Human Capital and to optimise the management of mobilities and internal training plans. 

The solution allows the creation of candidate pools, the automation of administrative tasks and the harmonisation of communication with candidates. Highly configurable, the solution includes a shared job library that adapts to the requirements of each subsidiary, with filtering by business. As of now, the corporate site will automatically reference all job vacancies from the organisations using it, whilst the job library filtering allows each subsidiary to publish only its own vacancies and positions on its website.

Key points

In addition to the automation of the publication and distribution of vacancies, all applications now receive a response and are centralised in a single database. Time savings generated by the implementation of the solution allow HR users to concentrate on more value added activities, such as the assessment of candidate competencies. A real "community of recruiters" has formed around the system!

Violaine Fray, HR Project Manager for the Bolloré group

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