How PSB Industries has deployed a global HRIS?


Seeking to strengthen its leadership, expertise, and values, and to reinforce its international presence, PSB appointed a new Group HR Director, whose remit was to unite the HR teams by giving them a common sense of purpose, and by answering to their shared expectations of career management and training.



PSB-in-briefHarmonized processes and criteria

The challenge was to preserve PSB’s entrepreneurial spirit and support international growth while promoting teamwork and maintaining internal cohesion. The HR Division aimed to develop new competencies and build on existing expertise as well as empower talent by fostering accountability and commitment. These ambitions led PSB to launch its ongoing HRIS project with an initial focus on performance and development. To achieve their aims, they needed a unified, global HR policy that established the same processes for all subsidiaries in all countries. In addition, these processes needed to be structured and organized to facilitate the managers’ daily work.

PSB-toolsAn intuitive tool that is easy to administer

In considering the detailed scope of the project, PSB knew it would need a tool that was intuitive and easy to use for a workforce that was not necessarily comfortable using the computer for administrative procedures. In addition, PSB had decided they wanted to manage the software themselves within the HR division, so they would want a solution that was easy and safe to administer. They needed a fully multilingual and SaaS-based solution to ensure full accessibility to all employees across the group. “As the application proposed by Talentsoft met our many requirements, Talentsoft was selected by the HR representatives of all our business units” said Clotilde Fourchet, International Careers Manager at PSB.


PSB-clotildeA successful pilot followed by autonomy

In close cooperation with Talentsoft, PSB deployed its pilot project in Baikowski, a subsidiary located near the Group HQ in France. Using Talensoft Core HR, they consolidated their administrative and employee data, allowing them to conduct reporting and analysis and to provide personalized follow-up and monitoring to their employees. After a period of feedback collection, data analysis, and revision, they expanded deployment of Talentsoft Core HR and Performance & Competencies to over 2,200 employees in France, Poland, the United States and Mexico, as well as Talentsoft Training to 1,200 employees in France. Talentsoft was able to step back for the second phase of deployment. “As we had sufficient coaching by Talentsoft, we now felt confident enough for the expansion project to be run directly by PSB,” explained Fourchet.

High participation and focused analysis

The first campaign achieved an 85% completion rate for appraisals forms, “which is a good achievement based on the maturity we had last year.” And with HR data now centralized for the whole group, PSB is already realizing benefits in follow-up and synergies. Core HR has given them a unique management tool that facilitates the management and analysis of data and creates links among different HR activities, from training to evaluations, transfers and talent management. Analysis of KPIs like manpower and internal mobility has become easier. And they are better able to identify and respond to training needs. In one example, PSB found that managers at several different plants needed reinforcement in their knowledge of contract law, and they were able to provide common training to all their sales force in France. They also have launched a corporate program to support the Group transformation for 200 employees worldwide.