Talentsoft Learning helps you plan, design and deliver highly-targeted training programs while encouraging social interactions among employees, so you can build a continuous and engaging learning experience that will result in stronger relationships and great success for your organization.

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Automated training administration

Automatically collect all the training requirements of your organization, so you can build effective training plans. From managing your catalogue to tracking expenses or booking rooms, Talentsoft Training simplifies all training processes.

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Efficient content creation and management

Use the industry- leading feature set of Talentsoft Learning Content Management System to easily create and manage mission critical learning content. From rapid learning to serious games, create highly personalized content to develop each employee.

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Continuous learning and knowledge sharing

Ensure your organization is ready for tomorrow's challenges. Talentsoft Learning Management System encourages knowledge sharing among your employees and allows them to enhance their skills anytime, anywhere.

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Make knowledge sharing easy and fun

Engage all your employee in the learning process by empowering them to share their knowledge and know-how anywhere, at any time, thanks to our micro-learning app SkillCatch.

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Talentsoft Learning helps us centralize all training requests, registration follow-ups, and employee progress on our e-learning modules--all this via a single access point. We also appreciate that reminder emails can be configured for key steps in the process. This will encourage employees to complete their training programmes on time.
Agnès Servian
Head of Training & Competency Development — PMU
  • agnes

Talentsoft Learning is also:

  • Blended learning

  • Certifications management

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • User-generated content

  • Training mobile app

  • Training catalogue

  • Full integration with HR processes

  • 100% SaaS & Cloud