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Do you want to increase the value of your key talents?Improve professional growth and talent retention with targeted and diversified learning

The “My e-learning” mini-app on the My Talentsoft platform

Quick access to the training paths

E-learning modules progress follow-up


Easily administer your actions and training plans

Automate your training plans : Automatically combine all of your individual and group training requirements resulting from your HR processes to create provisional training plans.

Recommend a targeted training offer : Build and administer your training programmes and catalogue, adapt them to your target populations, and issue your training offer to these populations.

Facilitate logistics : From managing training providers and planning training sessions, to booking rooms, Talentsoft Training & Digital Learning helps you save time at each step of the way.

Manage your costs and budget in real time : Track your budget consumption in real time and compare your estimated and consumed budget with the help of built-in indicators and detailed training costs management.

Efficiently implement and follow-up on your learning efficiently with the LMS platform

Feature your training offer : Share and access your training programmes in one place as you would your classroom, e-learning, and online classes.

Expand your training area : Conduct online classes with innovative tools based on videoconferences and teaching tools. Encourage discussion among your employees by asking them to share their experience and feedback.

Encourage educational exchanges : Encourage your employees to create and share content, as well as interact with other employees, with the help of collaborative tools (wiki, chat, forum, blog, etc.) and company social networks.

Track your trainees’ progress : Implement a follow-up of your trainees and suggest tutoring options thanks to a powerful analysis tool that relies on information such as the time spent on each training unit or the progress status. 

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Streamline learning content creation and management with the LCMS

Manage your learning content effectively : Organise your training resources wisely, whether it be for on-site or e-learning modules, with collaboration management and recycling of secure resources.

Diversify your learning content : Organise your employees’ training and competency development by combining classroom learning, certifications, e-learning programmes, mentoring, and coaching to increase talent engagement.

Optimise content creation : Speed up and simplify your classroom and e-learning content creation process with the help of rapid learning features for greater efficiency and better results.

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Engage your employees with a fun and innovative collaborative learning tool

Create learning content on smartphones : Enable all your employees to create short, ready-to-use learning videos and enhance them by adding, learning content with the SkillCatch mobile application.

Share your expertise effortlessly : Encourage sharing your instant user-generated content on a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and create a true learning resources library.

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  • Training programme
  • Cost verification
  • Social Learning
  • Notifications
  • Creating videos on your smartphone
  • Certifications
  • Creating e-learning content
  • Managing training organisations
  • Manage in-house trainers
  • Conducting online classes
Thanks to the Talentsoft Learning solution our HR team can easily manage annual training plans; from those on offer using the training catalogue through to organizing registrations for the training sessions. This information is shared with the managers in order to provide them with visibility on the actions that are organized. Following a session our employees complete instant and delayed assessments directly in the solution. This allows us to have precise reporting for the purposes of improving the quality of the training offered to our teams.

Philippe Berthet, Head of Training

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