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with Talentsoft your small business can havebig plans

HR management requires a solution tailored to your company's unique structure.

Talent management is critical for small- and medium-sized businesses, where the workforce is limited and each individual resource represents a unique competency. When an employee leaves, or the right person can’t be recruited, the entire company is weakened.

Attractiveness can also be crucial for certain organizations that do not yet benefit from a strong employer brand. They often struggle to recruit sufficiently qualified personnel during periods of growth.

Our 100% Cloud software suite meets the needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises wishing to develop their talent management processes. Thanks to the Cloud, these businesses now have access to technologies used by multinationals, guaranteeing them the highest level of security, permanent access to the latest version of the solution and a go-live time that is three times faster than before.

Recruitment, annual appraisals, target reviews… Talk to our experts and choose the products you need. Fully configurable, these products allow you to set up functional HR processes that correspond to your operational realities

Simple to deploy and pre-configured, the Talentsoft solution is fully suited to the constraints of SMEs without the need for special IT skills. Your subscription includes access to the latest application enhancements with no action required from you. Once the solution has been deployed, HR can access the forms and workflows without needing any specific IT skills!

With Talentsoft you can manage your budgets andyour time

Plug & Play SME

a Project methodology tailored to your specific requirements

The Plug & Play methodology is specially designed for SMEs with 50 to 700 employees.

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