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Internal Mobility

  1. 1 Employees as stakeholders in their own careers

    All the tools you need to help employees establish successful career paths
    • Internal job boards give employees visibility on company job vacancies.
    • Employees can express functional or geographical mobility requests using their online personal space or during HR events (e.g. appraisals).
    • HR managers have a consolidated view of all mobility requests and can configure how this information is displayed (by job functions, geography, etc.).
    • Managers can propose career changes for their employees during appraisal interviews.
  2. 2 Manage mobility requests

    Visual tools to aid with decision-making
    • Visual analysis of the gaps between an employee's current skills and the skills required for the desired position.
    • Simulation of mobility for the purposes of identifying possible movements to similar jobs, same type of employment, etc.
    • Monitor and respond to requests by entering comments, providing approvals/refusals, and/or issuing new offers.
  3. 3 Align your internal mobility program with your business objectives

    Implement customized action plans
    • Identification of mobility trends such as preferred destinations and number of requests per region by filtering the requests in accordance with your own criteria.
    • Analysis of the data for the purposes of directing your training and recruitment strategies and plans.
    • Decision-making: mobility accepted, or mobility planned following acquisition of skills, training, etc.
    • Automatic notifications of decisions to employees and/or managers.

The advantages of an integrated solution

What they say about us
 Taking into account specific local HR features and the process differences between the countries was crucial. The Talentsoft solution made a clear contribution to breaking down the barriers and silos between the different Group locations. Going forward a manager can easily be identified for a position at the other end of the world and within another organization.

Violaine Moraillon, Recruitment Director

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