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85% of HR Managers are looking to digitise their salaryreview process within the next three years. What about you?

Collective view on the eligible population

Easy-to-use interface for issuing proposals

HR information and indicators to facilitate decision making


Align your compensation policy with your company's challenges

Made-to-order budgetary structure : Organise your salary review campaigns and manage your budgets by turning to all the compensation components -- base salaries, incentives, bonuses, benefits, promotions, etc.

Adaptable processes : Define your approval steps and the participants involved in this process with the user friendly and intuitive workflow management interface.

Managing salary review : Make full use of automated proposal consolidation, sub-budgets and budgets thanks to built-in indicators and automated reports.

Gain manager support by facilitating your salary reviews

Intuitive interface : Have your managers enter their proposals in the My Talentsoft digital platform, by using the information stemming from all HR processes.

Automated indicators : Allow managers to measure the impact of their decisions through built-in indicators and a real-time budget follow-up.

Budget consolidation : Provide managers with better visibility on the impact of their proposals on the company’s overall budget, in all currencies.

Facilitate decision making in your salary reviews

Communicating with managers : Define and communicate compensation policy directives to facilitate the understanding of the salary review process.

Accompany decision making : Integrate internal and external benchmarks as well as control alerts to guide managers in their decision-making.

Process integration : Integrate information concerning compensation history and your employees’ performance to enable decision making regarding their compensation.


  • Personalised management rules
  • Batch actions
  • Multiple currencies
  • Incentive raise and payment
  • Overspending alerts
  • Multi-budgets management
  • Proposal consolidation
  • Advanced reports
The main idea was to develop a variable compensation system for all executives that was linked to achieving individual objectives. Within ADP, this initiative from the CHRO is aimed at making managers' tasks easier and at giving executives improved visibility of their annual objectives.

Frédéric Legros, Aéroports de Paris (ADP) - Human Resources Information System Manager

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