Our values

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  • At your side, listening and engaged

    To make our customers’ satisfaction our number one priority. To guide them through each step of their solution setup and assist them to successfully achieve their Talent Management projects. To mobilise our forces to make our knowledge and experience available to customers and listen to their needs.

  • Pragmatic and Effective

    To learn about our Clients organisations and Human Capital Management challenges quickly and effectively. To use this information to provide not only our our solution but also Talent Management advice in partnership with our Clients.

  • Willing to transform the HR function

    To develop and support a vision that integrates HR strategy with individual employee development, whilst ensuring the satisfaction of all users from HR to employees. All the time keeping ROI at the forefront of our implementation and ongoing relationship.

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  • 08/04/14
    Personal Swiss 2014
  • 28/02/14
    TalentSoft expands European leadership in Talent Management