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Founded in 2007, TalentSoft has climbed the rankings with record-breaking speed to take a leading position in SaaS-based Integrated Competencies and Talent Management; an unparalleled achievement in the French business software sector.

Since its earliest days, TalentSoft has been forming alliances with key players in the information technology industry to develop a unique offering. With its long-term partnerships , first-rate teams and attractive technology solution, TalentSoft has been able to convince many financial, technology and sales partners of potential in its positioning, and thus drive its business growth.

TalentSoft's numerous awards and financial backers demonstrate the company's credibility with its clients and has enabled it to pursue its international development at an accelerated pace. After only a few years of operation, TalentSoft now has a presence on every continent with its network of subsidiaries and affiliates in Africa, North America, Asia and Europe.

TalentSoft offers Human Resources departments a flexible, global solution with decision-making tools for:

  • Identifying, assessing, developing and retaining talent
  • Preparing your teams for future jobs
  • Achieving your objectives in line with your strategic imperatives

TalentSoft believes that the development of staff and their skills deserves a place at the heart of corporate HR policy. Its solution promotes a collaborative mindset: HR, managers and employees participate together in HR processes and take control of their own careers.

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    TalentSoft expands European leadership in Talent Management