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Since its creation, Talentsoft has enjoyed the support of a number of prestigious investors as a testament of the quality of its team and application.


Talentsoft is a high-growth company with a pragmatic yet very innovative view of Talent Management. Talentsoft starts with the career objectives and the competencies of the workforce and this information feeds all the other areas (recruiting, training), resulting in fluid and effective talent management processes. This talent planning approach, very much focused on growing talent and adapting to change is exactly what forward-thinking European multinational companies want to deploy. The rapid growth, which has been achieved very capital-efficiently, is a strong testament to the product suite and approach.

Tony Zappalà, Partner at Highland Capital Partners Europe

Latest news


Talentsoft closes 25 Million EUR Investment - Round led by Goldman Sachs


The investment will play an important role in the execution of Talentsoft’s strategic growth plan and is intended to support: International Growth, Product Innovation and Recruitment.


SNCF Deploys Talentsoft for Career Management, placing competency development at the heart of their strategic project


Three years ago, SNCF, a global leader in passenger and freight transport, launched its ambitious project called "Excellence 2020". The objective: Become the world's leader for excellence in transport services across the industry's three major sectors - railway networks, passenger transport, and the rail freight transport and logi...


Talentsoft continues to attract increasing numbers of multinational companies, with growth exceeding 50% in 2014


Winning the trust of over 70 new customers in 2014, Talentsoft generated a turnover of €22 million –a 50% increase on FY 2013 - and acquired an order portfolio of €50 million. As a leading provider of cloud-based talent management applications, Talentsoft is the only European player to successfully combine strong growth, economies o...

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