How to deploy a multi-country HRIS and standardize HR processes among the various subsidiaries?

This past June Talentsoft had the privilege of hosting over 375 HR Managers at its annual user conference. It was a great opportunity for all these HR professionals to share their experiences and exchange about new HR trends and best practices.

Perrine Engler, HRIS Deployment Manager and Carole Mulier, eRecrutment & Mobility Manager at Safran shared their experience during the workshop.

CGI was a partner on this project and Christophe Maillet, Director Human Resources 360 and Jeanne Masson, Project Manager at CGI also shared their experience during this workshop.

Safran in a few words

Safran is an international high-technology group which operates around three core businesses: Aerospace, Defense and Security. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of helicopter and aircraft parts and equipment, biometric identity solutions and automated identification systems.

Some key numbers about Safran:

  • Revenue of 15.4 billion €
  • 69,000 employees in nearly 60 countries: 48,300 in Europe, 14,000 in Americas, 3,800 in Asia/Oceania and 2,900 in Africa/Middle East

The project and ambitions

Safran Group’s ambition was to evolve towards a better integrated Group which implies harmonized & international HR processes. The company launched the project e.Talent in order to manage recruitment and internal mobility, this project was the first HR project based on shared business processes for Safran. The company used a “Core Model project methodology”. They defined a global and harmonized business process and configuration of the tool with 20% of local adaptability for languages and legal needs.

e.Talent and the associated processes should serve HR objectives stated below:

  • Facilitate and encourage mobility within the Group
  • Optimize the recruitment process
  • Mutualize and share information
  • Simplify & obtain more reliable reporting data
  • Retain high potential trainees

Project’s Key Numbers:

  • 11 companies
  • 23 countries on all continents
  • 10 languages
  • 24 months

Today, 15 countries have been deployed which involve more than 90 administrators, 120 recruiters and 200 managers worldwide.

Advised Best Practices for the deployment of a multi-country HRIS

The best practices you should use for your international roll-out:

  • A very efficient deployment methodology based on a complete and thorough documentation kept up to date.
  • A progressive Go Live transition: service is first available for HR users and then communication is made to all employees.
  • Training and testing strategy: a 3 day session is dedicated to both training and testing on-site. All tests are completed during the session to gain time and efficiency
  • The project sponsor implication in all major steps and supports the project.
  • Anticipate as much as possible the identification of the local legal constraints
  • Anticipate as much as possible the translation workload
  • Give more visibility to local project teams on the project follow up (especially for the pilot deployment project)

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