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Webinar – Talentsoft presents TS Evaluation

Talentsoft presents 'TS Evaluation'
A 1 hour webinar, December 14th at 9:30

Talensoft presents “TS Evaluation” – a 1 hour webinar
December 14, 2011 at 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

TS TALENT MANAGEMENT SERIES: 1hour to understand the new possibilities of talent management dedicated software suites

How to successfully drive your evaluation processes

Talentsoft is recognised as the leading SaaS based provider of Talent Management solutions to global organisations.Our technology is supporting thousands of users worldwide across many different requirements for enabling greater access & knowledge of their Human Capital data. Through this product demonstration webinar, we will share with you how this technology can be an invaluable solution to all HR Professionals.

Talentsoft presents ‘TS Evaluation’ – the module that supports the organisation through the complete appraisal & performance review process cycle. From the simple yet powerful tool to create your own personalised on-line appraisal & performance review form, through the workflow processes to ensure improved completion & success rates, to full analysis of all the inputs from all participants – the TS Evaluation module delivers a comprehensive suite of tools to HR Professionals. Experience significant improvements in productivity through fewer administrative tasks & immediate visibility of how each review process is developing.

Build competency frameworks & objectives into each form to capture the vital ratings & scores. Take full advantage of the Talentsoft integrated modules to seamlessly supporttraining & development needs, promotion or re-location requests, and continually enhancing each employee’s profile in real-time.

Event Organizer: Andy Spencer (UK Pre-Sales Manager for TalentSoft)

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