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When clients become appraisers

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions,” as quoted by American author and management expert, Ken Blanchard. Feedback is in fact necessary to improve, encourage, and motivate ourselves, in addition to... Read More

HR Tech World : Survival Guide!

HR Tech, the Greatest HR Show on Earth, is taking place in Paris on October 25th and 26th. Prepare your venue and get the most of Paris thanks to the... Read More

Talentsoft wraps up the first semester with 150 new customers

So far this year, Talentsoft has delivered continuous innovation, merged with one of the world leaders in digital learning, signed 150 new customers, established a new recruiting strategy aiming at... Read More

Take the chance to win a 2 days ticket for HR Tech!

The city of Paris will play host to the HR Tech World Congress on October 25th and 26th. With over 4000 HR experts meeting and sharing their expertise over two... Read More

The portrait of a competent recruiter

Conducting an interview is no walk in the park. It is a true act of management. Recruiters are required to know their company thoroughly, be emotionally mature, and have great... Read More

Meeting the expectations of current and future employees!

An increasing number of companies are determined to offer their employees a fulfilling work environment. This idea is being implemented in various manners, for example, by the revamping of the... Read More