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The HR Function: A “Business Partner” at the Company’s Service

Long regarded as a “soft” function, human resources now play a predominant role in external and internal company strategy. New technologies (i.e., social media and mobile phones) are part of... Read More

How to Recruit a Great Developer ?

Hiring a good developer is no easy task. There are far more vacancies than there are available developers on the market. To further complicate things, the more experienced ones are... Read More

Making administrative management sexy

Long one of the most disliked parts of Human Resources, HR Administration has a surprisingly bright future HR Administration – you just have to say the words and in the... Read More

The Tunnel Effect and the Abstruse Trap

The notion of tunnel effect generally stands as a synonym for long-term projects that result in patent failure, only to be detected at the last minute. This term inevitably brings... Read More

ISMs & HRDs: Hand in Hand for the Success of Digital Transition

Digital technology and its corollaries, such as artificial intelligence, robotics and bionics, are heavily feeding the buzz for speculations, frightening at times and wonderful at others. Some suggest the end... Read More

SNCF Deploys Talentsoft for Career Management

SNCF Deploys Talentsoft for Career Management placing competency development at the heart of their strategic project Three years ago, SNCF, a global leader in passenger and freight transport, launched its... Read More