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[ebook] 14 ways to create an attractive employer branding and positive candidate experience (1/2)

Every year, employer branding is rightly ranked among HRD’s highest priorities. But what does this actually mean?   First of all, let’s go back to basics. Building a compelling employer brand... Read More

80% of Elior Group employees are satisfied with their Talentsoft HRIS experience

Elior Group is a major player in the catering and food service industry. The company operates in 13 countries and is active in many sectors, including business, industry, education, healthcare,... Read More

Talentsoft announces merger with e-doceo to bolster its global leadership in talent management

Talentsoft merges with one of the global leaders in e-learning solutions, strengthening its global presence, and offers a fully integrated solution from recruiting to continuous employee development   Talentsoft, the... Read More

Club Talentsoft 2016 addresses the future of work and the employee experience!

[View the story "#ClubTS2016 addresses the future of work and the employee experience!" on Storify]

The future of work is all about the employee experience

There is a shift of focus emerging in the field of human resources. Managers are aspiring to create “experiential” organizations that are based on a continuous loop of communication between... Read More

HR Trends #4 – Happiness at work: Rethinking job matching

Every two weeks we will focus on one 2016 HR trend that our experts cited in the ebook entitled “HR Will Be Agile in 2016!”. Today let’s tackle the brain-teasing issue... Read More