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How to Create a More Friendly Work Environment

Sometimes, environments are hostile from the start. Other times, they slowly evolve from once great work environments that left too many issues unchecked for too long a period of time.... Read More

[Webinar] User Generated Content: The rising star for your Learning strategy

Webinar: Thursday, July 27th at 2:00 PM As an HR professional, you know that your employees are your greatest knowledge assets but convincing them to share their expertise is another thing. Drawn from the... Read More

[EBOOK] From the classroom to Snapchat: 4 trends shaping the future of learning

We are all more than well-aware by now that for most of humanity, mind-blowing technology and innovation is creating uncertainty, unease, confusion — even fear — but also excitement, awe... Read More

The Pros And Cons Of Recruitment Automation

Recruitment automation is not a new concept. Recruiters and HR professionals have been using automation technology since the late 1990s, mostly in the form of applicant tracking systems. Two decades... Read More

Upping the ante in recruitment 

The recent political debates surrounding the French presidential election and the UK General election have been a little dizzying. On the one hand, we’ve been told that 500,000 civil service... Read More
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Talentsoft Awards Ceremony 2017

This Tuesday, 13th June the Club Talentsoft ended with the Talentsoft awards ceremony which honours the best HR and digital learning projects. Four categories where highlighted this year : The... Read More