Webinar – Empower your employees with a Digital Learning solution

Webinar: Thursday, September 21st at 4:00 PM CEST

Discover how to launch a centralized training strategy and revamp your employees’ knowledge journey thanks to Talentsoft Learning’s LMS (Learning Management System).

Join us during this webinar, where the leading Brazilian tech company Locaweb will share how they revolutionized the learning experience for more than 1000 employees spread in five different regions.

Locaweb’s HR Manager, Raquel Parente will share:

  • Insight on how to launch a centralized Digital learning ecosystem
  • Tips to build the best learning environment for your employees
  • How to achieve a 95% satisfaction rate during the onboarding process
Raquel Parente

Raquel Parente

Over 15 years of experience in Human Resources (medium to large size companies) in several industries including IT, logistics, commercial law firm and the education sector. Today, Raquel is Locaweb’s HR Manager, she is responsible for all areas involving: Recruiting, Training and Development, Benefits, Compensation and HR Communication.

Locaweb is a Brazilian web services provider with its headquarter in Sao Paulo, with more than 1000 employees throughout the country. It offers a broad portfolio of internet services from digital marketing to retail oriented platforms. It is a leader in the .com.br domain market and has over 270k clients.




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