talentsoft and bull

Talentsoft and Bull strategic Cloud Computing partners

Talentsoft and Bull are pleased to announce a two-pronged strategic Cloud-based alliance.

Firstly, Talentsoft will enhance its Cloud-optimised offering by hosting its solution on platforms operated by Agarik, a subsidiary of Bull. Secondly, Talentsoft will assist Bull, a leading world supplier of information systems, in the international deployment of its Integrated Talent Management software suite.


Talentsoft: the world’s leading Cloud-optimised Talent Management suite

Talentsoft can offer Human Resources departments a SaaS-based Integrated Talent Management software suite, directly accessible via the Internet, providing rapid implementation and guaranteeing high availability and data security. This puts HR departments in control of their HR solution, allowing them to customise it fully and manage its future growth. The rapid adoption of Talentsoft and user satisfaction levels demonstrate the success of this model: more than 2 million workplace users and 10 million job applicants are now connected to the solution in 100 countries worldwide.

Talentsoft awarded Best Cloud Offering 2012 by EuroCloud France. The jury members included: acknowledged Cloud experts and independent consultants from KPMG, Orange Business Services, the Centre d’expertise des Progiciels, Markess International and the Journal du Net. This “European Cloud Champion” title was a decisive factor in Agarik and Bull’s choice.

Agarik to host Talentsoft solution in the Cloud

Agarik becomes the first host to deliver a PaaS offering specifically targeting software publishers with its CloudArchitek range. This Cloud solution is engineered to address the business imperatives faced by software publishers in terms of its technical approach and billing model. Its selection of Talentsoft confirms the relevance of the solution and anticipates the announcement of agreements with other leading names in the software publishing sector.

Thanks to Agarik, the Talentsoft solution has become the only Cloud offering providing a dedicated service to French local government bodies, hosted in France, and meeting French public sector security standards. Public bodies can take full advantage of the Cloud, without any compromises over service quality, either for hosting or for applications.

“Cloud Computing represents a genuine competitive advantage. Thanks to the Agarik platform, we can offer solutions combining public and private Clouds, while maintaining the highest security standards. This gives us a lead over our competitors, enabling us to satisfy the requirements of France’s leading industrial groups and public-sector bodies”,explains Joël Bentolila, Talentsoft’s Chief Technology Officer.

Bull optimises its international HR policy with Talentsoft

Operating in over 50 countries, Bull employs over 9,000 staff, 5,000 of whom are in France. A specialist in open information systems, Bull assists companies in building and optimising their information systems – and ensuring they are profitable. Bull selected Talentsoft to underpin its ambitious Human Resources policy, which aims to attract, recruit, train, develop and retain talent capital.

Bull’s goal was to implement a new international HR Information System, incorporating performance management, HR development, recruitment and compensation. It opted for the Talentsoft suite because of its extensive range of features and expertise in international deployments, acquired through the management of several hundred HR projects with its clients. The solution offers a dedicated portal for Bull employees and incorporates the Group’s HR benchmarks within its functional architecture. This gives the HR Department the power it needs to create a shared, harmonised database internationally. Managers can control their teams more efficiently, bringing value to their own roles and those of other employees.

“Maximising the value of human capital is a key component in the Group’s competitive and performance strategy. Indeed, we put our employees’ well-being, skills development and talent promotion at the heart of our company strategy. Talentsoft’s solution works for us to this end; it allows us to manage and maximise the value of the skills of each of our employees”, says Stéphane Duret, VP HR & Organisation of Bull.


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