Talentsoft is proud to announce the launch of Hello Talent, its new social recruitment app

Nowadays, social networks are inseparable from effective employer branding strategies, and are increasingly being used as part of the recruitment process. Until now, the only stumbling block has been the absence of a system that combines the ability to save, analyze, organize and share key talent profiles and to source these online. Talentsoft has successfully overcome this obstacle by developing Hello Talent, a simple, collaborative application for sourcing and managing talent pools, designed with recruiters and managers in mind.

Now available for free at www.hellotalent.com, Hello Talent allows you to:

  • Search for and save relevant profiles identified via social networks, the web, or “real life”;
  • Organize and review talent pools for both active and passive candidates;
  • View a profile’s digital identity by incorporating its social information;
  • Share talent pools with recruitment teams or managers in order to gather feedback and comments.

“Nowadays, recruiters are facing three problems: how to organize all the profiles found in their online searches; how to find profiles that are ‘rare’ or in short supply and how to retain them; and finally, how to involve managers in the recruitment process to make sure that they choose the right candidate. We’ve developed Hello Talent to meet these needs and promote collaborative recruitment. The strength of this web application is that it places a constantly up-to-date talent pool at recruiters’ fingertips, bringing together the views of all interested parties, which they can share to their heart’s content!”, explains Alexandre Pachulski, Chief Product Officer at Talentsoft.

This app is now available to recruiters and managers from all kinds of businesses, regardless of size. Nathalie Servier, HR Development Director at Babilou, is one of the first users of Hello Talent:

“Because you need to be stringent when recruiting for the early childhood education sector, we look for very specific profiles. There are too few early childhood professionals compared with the rise in demand, and simply publishing job vacancies will no longer cut it. In order to reach more candidates, we have been working on our employer brand but have also sought to interact more with active or passive profiles on social networks… We didn’t have a platform that would allow us to group and review all potential candidates. From now on, Hello Talent will facilitate this sourcing, as we can group as many profiles as we want into a pool and share that information with other recruiters. Going forward, the tool will allow us to broaden the participation of our professionals, who are our ambassadors, in the essential task of sourcing.”

Hello Talent offers a free subscription and requires only an internet connection and a web browser. Due to its ease of use Hello Talent can be used to revolutionize the recruitment process.

Hello Talent app


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